Working Groups

CGC Working Groups


CGC Working Groups create evidence-based reviews and practice considerations, to positively impact the appropriate utilization and reimbursement of genomics testing in cancer. In this forum, working groups bring together members of our community of all disciplines to facilitate teamwork, personal growth, professional growth and scientific achievements. We're grateful to the eight CGC Working Groups who completed and published their work.


Active CGC Working Groups

Group Status




Group Leaders

In Progress



Clinical Utility of Genome Wide Copy Number Analysis for Melanocytic Lesion Diagnosis

Anwar Iqbal and Ravindra Kohle 

CGC Board Liaison: Anwar Iqbal

In Progress



Genomic Diagnosis of Sarcoma

Renu Bajaj and Katie Schieffer

CGC Board Liaison: Jennelle Hodge

In Progress


Creation and Maintenance of Disease-Specific Gene Lists to Aid in Cancer Genome Interpretation

Beth Pitel and Xinjie Xu

CGC Board Liaison: Xinjie Xu

In Progress



Lymphoma Workgroup

Min Fang and Ashwini Yenamandra

CGC Board Liaison: Rebecca Smith

In Progress



T-ALL Workgroup 

Yassmine Akkari and Xinjie Xu

CGC Board Liaison: Yassmine Akkari

In Progress



Breast Cancer Workgroup

Hui Chen and Katherine Geiersbach

CGC Board Liaison: Xinjie Xu

Completed Working Group Efforts


The CGC is proud of the working groups who have completed their projects, and appreciate the authors for their time and dedication.

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