CGC Committees are comprised of elected and appointed members who volunteer their time and expertise to advance CGCs mission. In 2019, over 200 member volunteers participated in committees promoting organizational excellence and initiatives in education, clinical practice, and advocacy. The following committees are active. For more information or to join please reach out to the respective committee chairs


  • Obi Griffith (Chair)
  • Adrian Dubuc
  • Anwar Iqbal
  • Rashmi Kanagal-Shamanna


  • Cate Paschal (Chair)
  • Yassmine Akkari
  • Xinyan Lu
  • Shalini Reshmi
  • Gokce Toruner


  • Gordana Raca (Chair)
  • Alka Chaubey
  • Marilyn Li
  • Xinjie Xu
  • Patricia Miron
  • Teresa Smolarek
  • Svetlana Yatsenko
  • Madina Sukhanova
  • Linda Baughn (Advisor)
  • Beth Pitel (Advisor)


Genomic Resources Development

  • Jennelle Hodge (Chair)
  • Linda Cooley
  • Brian Davis
  • Obi Griffith
  • Fabiola Quintero-Rivera
  • Niroshi Senaratne
  • Daynna Wolff
  • Alan Lennon (Advisor)
  • Scott Newman (Advisor)

2020 Annual Meeting Program

  • Yassmine Akkari (Chair)
  • Linda Baughn
  • Ninette Cohen
  • Holli Drendel
  • Adrian Dubuc
  • Malachi Griffith
  • Joel Lefferts
  • Alan Lennon
  • Brynn Levy
  • Fady Mikhail
  • Patricia Miron
  • Stephen Moore
  • Jone Sampson
  • Stuart Schwartz

Professional Association Collaboration

  • Rashmi Kanagal-Shamanna (Chair)
  • Umut Aypar
  • Linda Baughn
  • Min Fang
  • Katherine Geiersbach
  • Patty Greipp
  • Anwar Iqbal
  • Xinyan Lu
  • Valentina Nardi
  • Joyce Murata-Collins
  • Sarah Murray
  • Lina Shao
  • Shashi Shetty
  • Elizabeth Spiteri
  • Karen Swishelm
  • Zhengya Tang
  • Gokce Toruner
  • Lu Wang
  • Ashwini Yenamandra


  • Min Fang (Chair)
  • Marilyn Li
  • Alan Lennon
  • Gordana Raca

Call for Volunteers

Committees represent the heart of our organization. Working collaboratively, committee members develop and execute strategic direction to improve education and best practices in clinical cancer genomics. The following CGC Committees are currently recruiting additional members:

Communications Committee - Recruiting one doctoral member and one trainee member

The CGC Communication Committee aims to increase engagement among the members of the CGC and increase the visibility of CGC in the genomics community. The communications committee is responsible for the both the organizational and Annual Meeting websites, and social media platforms. Participation in this committee requires attendance on monthly calls, regular electronic interaction, and activity on social media. An ideal candidate would be experienced and/or have enthusiasm for working with content management systems (Wordpress or similar), member management systems, and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

Education Committee - Recruiting one doctoral member and one trainee member

The CGC Education Committee works to provide educational resources and content in conjunction with and outside the production of the CGC Annual Meeting. Current initiatives include designing a webinar pilot, developing content for a in-person workshop, and curating clinically relevant genes which are of interest for genomic studies in cancer.

Membership Committee - Recruiting one regular member and one trainee member

The CGC Membership Committee plans and facilitates recruitment efforts for the CGC. They have recently promoted a membership renewal campaign and are working on providing regular communication and content to the CGC members.

If you are interested in joining one of the above committees, please send a letter (250 words) expressing your interest with your CV to Karla Gay at by Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Committee terms are two years. Committee members must be current CGC members in good standing and are required to complete a conflict of interest and confidentiality statement.