2019 Select Annual Meeting Presentations

A complete set of presentations from the 2019 Cancer Genomics Consortium Annual Meeting are available to CGC members in the members area of the website.

A Contemporary Molecular View of Diffuse Gliomas with Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment
Daniel Brat
Expansion of the Validation of Illumina MethylationEPIC BeadChip for Medulloblastoma Subgrouping and Copy Number Analysis Across Institutions and Results from the Initial 47 Clinical Cases
Teresa Smolarek
Next Generation Sequencing for Myeloid Neoplasms A Diagnostic Management Team Approach
Adam Seegmiller
MCG 2.0 A Highly Curated, Scalable Precision Cancer Medicine Resource
Marilyn Holt
NGS Based Detection of Translocations in Plasma Cell Myeloma
Linda Baughn
Keynote Presentation Clinical Computational Oncology for Precision Cancer Medicine
Eli Van Allen
The PT Alphabet Soup LDT, FDA, NGS, Non NGS, etc
Annette Kim
Keynote Presentation Population Genomic Screening Experience at Geisinger Strongly Supports Routine Genomic Screening for HBOC and Lynch Syndrome
Christa Lese Martin
Aggregating Evidence to Determine the Clinical Significance of Cancer Variants in the CIViC Knowledgebase
Kilannin Krysiak
Curation of Variants Associated with Pediatric Tumors Within the Clinical Genome Resource
Gordana Raca

Travel Award Winning Presentations

The Spectrum of NTRK Fusion Associated Pediatric Tumors
Xiaonan Zhao
Standardization and Systematization of Somatic Variant Refinement Using an SOP and Deep Learning
Erica Barnell
Ultra Deep Sequencing of Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma cHL Reveals Novel Somatic Mutations and Exemplifies the Utility of Depp Sequencing in the Characterization of Rare Malignant Cells
Felicia Gomez