2023 VICC/CIViC/ClinGen Hackathon & Jamboree


The VICC/CIViC/ClinGen ONSITE Variant Interpretation Hackathon and Curation Jamboree will focus on promoting the standardization and dissemination of knowledge of the clinical significance of cancer variants. The Hackathon and curation jamboree will be held as an in-person, pre-meeting of the 2023 Cancer Genomics Consortium annual conference. The focus of this meeting will be to continue to develop community consensus on data standards for interpretation of variants in cancer, engage clinical experts for curation of content and to enhance integration and interoperability of resources, and engage software developers for improved variant interpretation software. Additional related topics will be proposed by meeting participants. No coding/bioinformatics skills needed. More details available here. Don't forget to add hackathon/jamboree participation when you register for the CGC Annual Meeting!