Social Media Toolkit

2024 CGC Annual Meeting Social Media Tool Kit

#CGCAnnual2024 is a unique gathering aimed at bringing the global clinical genomics community together to create an inclusive environment of collaboration, education, networking, and mentorship. With the continuing inter-disciplinary partnerships between clinical genomicists (cytogenetic and molecular), bioinformaticians, genomic variant scientists, laboratory directors, research scientists, pathologists and oncologists, CGC is committed to playing an essential role in translating scientific discoveries into the clinical diagnostics setting for patient care and guiding the best practices to enable precision medicine at the highest level.

Purpose of this toolkit

To introduce partner organizations, speakers, members and advocates to Cancer Genomics Consortium's Annual Meeting and help drive engagement and action among their base of supporters via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

How You Can Help

  • Copy and paste the suggested social media posts or develop your own customized posts to share the content.
  • Add the #CGCAnnual2024 hashtag to your social media posts and engage with us via your personal or organizational accounts.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and
  • share our content on your social media pages. Be sure to use the #CGCAnnual2024 hashtag!
  • Look out for other ways to get involved in the future, like Twitter chats and new feature profile content.

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In Person Attendee

Virtual Attendee