2022 Special Sessions

The 2022 CGC Annual Meeting is aimed at bringing the clinical genomics community together to create an environment of collaboration, education, and networking. The Scientific Program Committee has worked diligently to build an exciting agenda that includes presentations from leading clinical genomics professionals, open discussions of best practices and guidelines, and opportunities to socialize and network.


2022 Panel Discussion

Clinical Laboratory Staff Shortage Crisis! Engaging the CGC Community for Solutions
Monday, August 1, 12:45 - 1:45 PM (Central US Time)

Yassmine AkkariNationwide Children's Hospital and Elizabeth SpiteriStanford University

Workforce shortages are encountered in various sectors of the economy; this is most noticeable in healthcare, and clinical genomics laboratories are currently facing an urgent and difficult challenge in recruiting technologists to staff their operations. This challenge is complex, likely approaching a crisis, and several approaches are needed to address the issue. During the 2022 CGC Annual Meeting, we will discuss the scope of the crisis and formulate solutions. We will leverage the expertise and engagement of the CGC community to moderate a session focused not only on training in the field of genomics, technologists career enhancement, but also on the current landscape of state licensing and remote work.



2022 Special Presentation

What’s MDUFA got to do with it? Update on the regulation of LDTs mid 2022
Wednesday, August 3, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (Central US Time)

Erik KonnickUniversity of Washington

The VALID Act of 2022 (VALID) is rapidly moving through the US Congress as a rider to must-pass legislation (FDASLA) that funds major portions of the FDA’s mission through user fees. The FDA user-fee package will be enacted in October 2022, and if VALID is included, the regulation of all laboratory tests including manufactured, laboratory modified, or laboratory developed (LDTs) will be drastically different starting this year. VALID will require that all tests modified or created by a laboratory undergo a risk assessment, and if judged to present anything but a low risk to patients, a submission of validation data to the FDA will be required before patients can be tested. This informative CGC session will provide a primer on the relevant US laboratory regulations and ways VALID will likely alter how laboratories operate to serve their patients. We will also touch on some of the important exceptions, concepts, and approaches included in VALID that laboratories must be aware of as the regulations take shape over the next 5 years. Finally, important areas where advocacy is critical to influencing the shape of future regulations will be introduced to guide the audience on where future efforts are likely to have maximum impact.                                        


New Addition: Early Career Social

2022 CGC Early Career Social
Monday, August 1, 7:45 PM - 9:00 PM (Central US Time)

The  Early Career Social is a special event at the 2022 CGC Annual Meeting open to all early-career attendees. Join friends and colleagues for an evening of fun and networking! Attendees will enjoy an evening of food, drinks, games, and socializing. Additionally, a professional photographer will be present to take complimentary headshots for social attendees. Don‘t miss this opportunity to decompress at the end of the day and connect with your peers. 

Please RSVP for the Early Career Social by July 20, 2022.