- The CGC is please to announce the completion of its first sponsored study, the “The Cancer Cytogenomic Microarray Quality Control (CCM-QC) study”, published in Cancer Genetics in 2015. We encourage you to read the full article.
- The CGC is currently evaluating proposals for future sponsored studies.


Goal: A multiplatform, multicenter clinical validation project designed to assess the efficacy and reproducibility of this microarray technology for clinical oncology applications using both fresh/frozen and FFPE-derived material.
Methods: DNA was extracted from CLL (n=29), MDS (n=34) and renal cell carcinoma (n=30; both frozen and FFPE) and profiled on three distinct array platforms (Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina) at each of two different sites. Intra-, interaboratory and cross platform reproducibility was assessed.
Conclusions: The results demonstrated that the three microarray platforms: (1) detect clinically actionable genomic changes in cancer compatible to standard-of-care methods; (2) further define cytogenetic aberrations; (3) identify submicroscopic alterations and loss of het- erozygosity (LOH); and (4) yield consistent results within and between laboratories. Based on this study, the CGC concludes that CMA is a sensitive and reliable technique for copy number and LOH assessment that may be used for clinical oncology genomic analysis.
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