Review and Comments for ACMG document

The document: Section E15 - ACMG Technical Standards and Guidelines:Microarray Analysis for Chromosome Abnormalities in Neoplastic Disorders, has been uploaded on the CCMC Website.

Please go through the document and send in your comments for review.

To access the document, log on using your username and password. Click on the Member’s Only tab and select 'Review Documents' from the drop-down menu. You may download the document to your computer by clicking on the document title and opening it or saving it to your desktop.

When submitting comments for review, please provide your full name, degrees, affiliation and contact information. All comments should reference the pertinent numbered or lettered line. All comments should be forwarded directly to ACMG, via e-mail, to DeniseCalvert by Tuesday, November 6. The subject line should read: Microarray Analysis for Chromosome Abnormalities in Neoplastic Disorders

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